Live River Levels From Environment Canada

March 15, 2014
Eric Howey

I have finally done it (albeit with a lot of help)!! PaddlingABC will now be streaming live water levels from Environment Canada which means that I can now provide live water levels from across BC. This has been something I have worked on for a long time and to be frank haven't been able to figure out. With some help from Mikkel and also some help from online forums I have gotten the code figured out.

Now I need your help to let me know what water levels you want streamed live from BC. I am not as familiar with paddling west of Golden, BC and am not sure exactly what gauges would be useful to monitor. For now I will be using the RiverWiki as a starting place for what gauges to include; i.e. Kickinghorse, Chilliwack, Clearwater, etc. Please send your requests to me via comments, email or our facebook page.

This is very exciting!

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